After doing favours for family and friends, and being their Plan B to save money on taxi fares and stop them from drink driving home. The idea became apparent that, everyone should have access to such a service.

Its sad enough to see people dying on our roads due to drink driving, when this service could be for everyone. Drink driving isn’t worth the bills in insurance, facing massive fines and loss of license and the¬†heartbreak of loved ones mourning over your stupid decision to drink and drive.

This is where Plan B Car Service comes in. Our service is based on a two driver system, one driver will drive their customers car home, the other driver will follow. This insures greater security for both our drivers and our customers.

We wont just cater for the night out, or the one too many drinks. But also if your car needs a service. We will pick it up from your place of work and drop it back off for you when its done. No need to use up your sick leave. Having day surgery and need someone to take you and your car home safely afterwards.